i made a mistake i can't erase.
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

those song played at my blog is damn irritating, i can't find a nice way to put song in my blog. i am still thinking of ways. today is super hot. had geo lesson till 3.30. it is killing me. lucky tomorrow and thu no remedial.
i gonna get my rest now.


11:51:00 PM

Monday, June 29, 2009

a stress monday i got. change of timetable. lots of stuff to do.
eh. it is getting late.
i need go now.


11:48:00 PM

Sunday, June 28, 2009

eh. tomorrow schoool open again. some school has been close cause of their teacher got the h1n1. that is cool. hahahs. i hope tomorrow they will send me back home as i got running nose. (:
i just cut my hair. but tomorrow teacher sure say my hair too long.
wtf man. i look so dumb luh still say long.
okay i shall go now. my running nose making me sleepy.
june holiday ended, lots of stuff happen

good night


11:08:00 PM

Saturday, June 27, 2009

okay i shall blog about last night.
eh, went castle green for bbq. quite number of people down there. i saw people drink a slip of liquor and they drunk
than cab to fetch donaldson and we made our way to powerhouse. we change our plan last min. should go dblo. join marcus and augustine. and we went in saw alex and his friends. we join them too. made some friends. than donaldson and augustine was dancing with some girls, alex friends i think. after everything, we walk to someone house. damn near to st james. his house carpark there got 7-11. damn cool. than don and augustine want to meet those girls. so me and marcus join them to go to chua chu kang to those girls house.
i hate to go that far. i should be sleeping at home.
that condo was, fucking huge. we played blackjack and monopoly. marcus was crazy over monopoly. when there is first bus marcus bus home. others was sleeping. i am staring at don't know what. i can't sleep cus bed no more space and the floor was fucking cold i tell you.
so i was sitting like some dumb idiot for more than 3 hour.
finally 12+ they decided to go home. left that house for lot 1. had pasta mania. i tell you, my Alfredo pasta was better than theirs 100x. nobody finish their pasta except me and don. cus i am damn hungry and i did not sleep at all.

home and sleep after that.

okay i going to sleep now.
tired luh.

oh ya. Michael Jackson passed away. no more moonwalk, no more beat it!
king of popppp

you kept flashing across my mind. even when i was enjoying in the night


12:30:00 AM

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

today went swimming with weiquan, des and adrian at adrian house. picture is at my facebook. i lazy upload here cus it is very slow. next time i will post it.
i gtg. conf with weiquan, des and adrian and tv now.

i deserve better from you. i never give up before.


11:45:00 AM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wonder Girls - Nobody (Full Version) LIVE.mp3 - Wonder Girls / Winxlovely.hi5.com
i cannot find the shorter version of this. (:

attend school today. made cupcake before going home.
mine look like mooncake. hahahahas.
as usual, movie at home again. went to play soccer with kids again. than everyone go home an aunty bring her dog for walk. she want me play with her dog as her dog need to do some work out. but the dog prefer siting at the bench. hahhas. this make me want to get a pet even more. i will have one more playmate.
nothing much. i have been doing my f&n recently. i hope it could be done soon.
later going to go out with weiquan. slack around our area.
tomorrow maybe going to adrian house for a swim! it had been a long time since i swim at his house. last time we always go his house to swim. it was a lot fun. everyone was still so young.
hahas gonna enjoy tomorrow & picture i hope.

eh i need go now.

bye night.

i want nobody nobody but you.

it is hard to hide my feeling. i can't erase you out of my mind. just nobody but you. 4 sleepless night.


11:54:00 PM

Be with you - 潘玮柏+Akon
play this song yourself. i don't know why it cannot be played

i decided to delete my blog song. i will post music whenever i blog. cus i am sick of my blog song. and one more thing i will change my blog skin soon, i got the idea how i want it to be. i just do not have the time to go and play around with codes. i need some pictures as well. i think i will be able to do my blog after my o level. one more thing, i still thinking if i should get a pet. i read some stuff recently and i suddenly feel like having a pet to play with. if i gonna get a pet, it will be a rabbit.
but i am still thinking of i should have it anot. i do not want a rabbit to suffer with me and i need a lot of time for it too. i can't rush.
tomorrow will be a busy day.
anyone want to party this week? i was hoping not to go any underage stuff.okay goodnight.
need to sleep. night.


friend is what i ask for from you. i don't know why you change the way you treat me. i will not pester you anymore for sometime. but i will still be always there for you if you need someone to talk with.


12:17:00 AM

Monday, June 22, 2009

did not sleep much again last night. just stare around my walls. had tuition in the noon. than soccer after that. play some game and go back home for dinner. met adrian, wq and donaldson for snooker session at champion. did not enjoy it at all.
that all for today.
i going to watch tv again. don't think will sleep much for the 3rd night.
tomorrow there is school.

you won't able to shake me off, my heart is there for you. i will sleep when i hear your voice, i won't do something that i regret again.


1:00:00 AM

Sunday, June 21, 2009

i am not tired at all. last night i watch tv all the way till morning. i don't know why, i do not feel like sleeping at all. tuition in the noon than went home. soccer awhile with the kid in the evening. watched Taken and had pizza for dinner.
i don't feel like online anymore.

i waited for your call the whole night yesterday but you did not call. i will wait for it again today. you giving me cold shoulder but i don't give a damn. lastly, i miss you.


12:07:00 AM

Saturday, June 20, 2009

happy 18th birthday augustine.
today morning i had hell. today i had mr lee intensive class. i got 4 lesson in his classroom.

phy, math,math and phy.

wtf is that man.

the whole class was fucking slag.
i went home straight after that. slack at home than i went to augustine chalet.
just came back from augustine birthday chalet. it was alright alright. we just chat chat. i only remember i had a lot of beer.
we bus back to bishan than we got onto cab to go home.
that all i could remember.
too bad no picture.
i don't konw why too.
that all. gtg now.

i need you to be by my side. don't treat me like that. ):


1:46:00 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i don't know i am unlucky or what. yesterday night i went to play snooker with weiquan at champion. i think i lost my ic from there. i shall go and find it. hope is i forgot to take and the person got keep. if not i am in deep trouble. after snooker we walk to shufu. saw donaldson and his friend playing cards. he say wait for him to go home with him. crystal called me to talk. after don finish his game, we walk to 7-11. i treat them drink. from there i realise i lost my ic.
my mum is going to kill me if she know this.
than we walk back sinming to slack. than don want talk to crystal, he crap a lot with her.
went home after that as it was getting late. still talking to crystal, i chat with her for about 2 or 3 hour i forgot. i hang up at 5.40am i think.
i have school at 8am.
did not really sleep much. aiya also don't feel like sleeping anyway. just that my phone batt no more. if not i think will chat with her till the sun is up.
went school just now. lucky 2 hour only. i will die if i had to stay at school til 12 or what.

alright i have to go champion to look for my ic luh.
i now know how scary to lose your ic.


11:38:00 AM

yesterday night, i went to chomp chomp to have dinner with my cousins.
got ahhua, zoey, peiqi, puay sian and ming yao. dinner was great. after dinner we went ice cube to have ice cream.
me and mingyao share bananas split.
it was great too!
today was boring. it is jiaye 18th birthday. and i can't meet them in town cus i have to impress my mum to let me go out this weekend or what.
watch movie again. than went to play soccer with kiddys. than went to slack, don say coming find me. but left me slack alone.
nothing much.
i want to club. powerhouse and butter factory. i hope i can go for both.
tml i having tuition again. but i think i going for chalet tml. jiaye and Augustin birthday chalet. but i don't think i staying late.
alright have to go now.
i meeting wq later. i suppose.

i don't think you will read this but i going to say all these. this is not the end of our friendship. i don't want to ruin your relationship with your bf. just hope you guys last long. i believe i will have a chance next time. i just hope you can still treat me as how you treat me last time, like a good friend. i will be happy enough if you treat me that way and not the way now.


12:01:00 AM

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

just now went to have dinner with cousin at chomp chomp. than went ice cube to have ice cream.
that all for today.
bye night.

did i lose my chance?


12:34:00 AM

Monday, June 15, 2009

this is what i found out damn cool.

The Moon will be sextile Venus and Mars today. Love will be in the air. Your feelings will be strong and powerful and you'll be terribly attracted to someone. Don't play hard to get or get in over your head.
The day will come when you aren't as quick as you are now and your body isn't as healthy as it once was. The only thing you'll have throughout your entire life that you can be proud of is your word. Take the time, cheehow, to reflect on the promises you've made that you have yet to follow through on. Show the people in your life that you are a man of your word and you will always have their respect.

This sentence make me think a lot. i promise to study hard but i spend most of the time playing and slacking. i promise a lot of thing. i gonna be a man of my word!


1:39:00 AM

Sunday, June 14, 2009

let me blog about what happen this weekend.

eh, at friday i went to meet donaldson, wq, jiaye and adrian. we went town. desmond was there early. it should be a shopping trip. but we went far east, shoe and shirt no size and not what they are looking for. i saw the yellow Zapato at left foot i think it is cool. hahhaas. next at herren i saw the air max at the limited ed vault. super cool too. i thinking which man. there is lots of time i can slowly think. eh than we went cine to have pool session again. oh my, jiaye won me 3 time i won him one time. he improve. hhahas!

oh ya i forgot, salam and hezwan came and find us too. nicky was there too. he never go army, 3 more mth than go. soo good man

chat with salam and hezwan, than they went home at 9. cus they hungry. hahahs. after they play finish we went down to slack and think of what to eat. after a long time, jiaye and nicky went to have long john. the rest of us went to eat at food court.

after dinner i went home first.

than at sat, eh i rot at home. watch a cool movie again. at night went to safra to have dinner with family. nice restaurant but poor food. expansive too. after that we went to the duty free shop opposite far east to find the stuff i want. too bad don't have. went home after that.

than today afternoon, went tuition. home after that. than soccer.

talking about soccer. i am playing badly these few days. jingjie saw me couple of time playing like a fucking noob. wq, don and my bro saw too. anyway i shall rest for a few days. i pulled my muscles.

sorry sis. i went to your blog and grab this. (:

happy birthday sis. enjoy your birthday alright.

(: happy 18th.

alright i need to go.

there is school tml too.



11:22:00 PM

Friday, June 12, 2009

what the fuck the world changing. the world best attacker in soccer had just left man u to Madrid. eh, for 80mil pound (191mil sgd)
this is totally madness. now, i lost my interest to watch man u's match. no more rocket free kicks, speedy legs and fancy back heels. everyone expect tevez to leave man u first. they even pay a tribute to him but he have not left yet. where is ronaldo' tribute? a monster seasion of 42 goals in 07-08, 23 in 06-07 and 26 this last seasion. how many monster can score faster than him? 91 goals for him in total. well madrid can compare to him, eh spend faster faster than any club. 80pound on ronaldo, 68mil eruo on kaka. i can't wait to see how this to monster perform. maybe one day ronaldo will go to home utd. like what beckham go to usa. or kaka go to Newcastle after a long term injury that he suffer on the first match for madrid. i gonna see how Madrid ruin this 2 wonderful player.
anyway i learn something. money make the world go round.

oh ya. i think gonna change my mind about my plan today. i think i will go town and shop with my clique. hope there will be picture man. it was a long time since we took some. i gonna prepare.


2:04:00 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

失落沙洲 - 徐佳瑩

想念的 还是你望着我的眼波
又回到这个尽头 我也想再往前走
越遗憾 没有你分享我的感动

i don't know why the fuck am i listening chinese song. i had been listen english song for the past 6month. but this song really nice. eh guys i don't know how to make my music appear. so if you want to listen, click on the link and listen okay.
today saw quite alot people. got belvin, audrey and yichen and more i forgot.
and i got planning on what to do tomorrow. play soccer and make a fight. i am itchy for something. bring it on guys.

i damn shag now. shall blog again.

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11:21:00 PM

i know why i suddenly got this feeling to blog. yesterday, went to grab a movie. 252, signal of life.
one of the best movie i ever seen in my life. from touching storyline to the movie effect. all seem very real. it make me realise how dangerous is the earth is. will people in Singapore unselfish as the main character. he saved the survivors, and he even risk his life saving others. his deaf and mute daughter almost crush to death when he is saving a injured lady. when the rescue came, and they get all survivors out of the underground he was the last to leave. he even save the rescue team when the team got trap too. what a brave guy.
now i know how tiny is a human when disaster fall.

after movie at home, went to played soccer. lots of team came in the night. i am unlucky unlike wq, he join a wining team. played till 9 than went to get dinner.
than in the middle of the night, accompany donaldson to lan. slack there awhile go back luh.
we went to 7-11 to grab some food. a uncle had a chat with donaldson. he was asking him which is nice. but he in the end grab a vodka. and he treated us. a super nice uncle.
went to block to chat after that. finish our drink and we head back to our bed.
now, im still planing if want to go out. i am bad at planing man.
alright shall go now. will blog again


12:15:00 PM

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

went tuiton today again. heh
than went da gu house. saw small ryan. his birthday just past, and he knew how to walk luh. he is super active. he love to ran about and dance. he love music too. heh.
play with ryan till he went to sleep.
than bus home.
hah. nothing else. i gonna plan how i going to spend my rest of the week.
okay getting late.


12:17:00 AM

Monday, June 8, 2009

oh nothing much today. slack at home. did some homework. than went down to watch nssl.(a street soccer competition)
hongkah sec are good. top 2 is their team. than passion team start playing after they finish. eh picture in my facebook okay. it will take ages to upload here.
nothing much today. tomorrow there is tuition again.
alright have to go now.


1:20:00 AM

Saturday, June 6, 2009

okay shall write about yesterday.
met donaldson first for lunch. than he went to meet his mum,sis and aunty to shop.
i went back sinming to play soccer.
some amk sec student was there. played with them. they are a group of noobs. they kick legs. idiot sia they.
play till tulan than don't want play.
went home and rest awhile than went to town to meet donaldson.
his mum brought his sis and him some wallet.
wow. i saw something i like too.
but it is quite expansive luh.

than went to gucci to take a look. some product there is having a sale. nothing much. walk walk awhile than marcus and agustine came and find us. walk around again. than we went to herren to wait for the rest. when the rest came, i can't belive my eyes.

fucking lots of people.
so our group now got, jason, desmond, marcus, donaldson, augstine, salam, adrian, yingsi, jiaye, weiquan, zhiyan, sera, nicholas and brady and one more i don't know what name.
okay than we went to search for food.
in the end we had burger king. i gave my fries away cus i don't want to get sore thoat. but i got it today. oh ya hezwan came and find us too. :D
than they went for movie. marcus, don, agustine and i went to play pool.( yes again!)
than when they done watching they came and find us. they played billard. i went to chat with salam and hezwan. they are watching youtube.
oh ya yingsi got chase out. that is funny. hahahs.
slack slack awhile than went to take last bus go home.
a sad thing is no picture. should take a picture of this large group. nichlolas going army also. heh.
went home rest awhile than i met donaldson and wq again to play L4D.
we did not complete. it was hard.
went home and sleep after that.
okay i am late for tuition.


1:00:00 PM

Friday, June 5, 2009

quite a number of day since i wrote something here. billiard almost everyday. my chinese o level had finish. i got back my phone. i met up with des and marcus for lunch. went back to school to find ms lau.
that's all on what happen these few days.
these few days, lots of people is jioing me go club, ton. i wish to go very much. but my mum luh. i have to stuck at home. D:
i try to make time for all these thing luh. i will try to persuade my mum.

damn. donaldson jio me go play lan now. and he fell alseep. fuck him man. waste my time wait for him
alright i need to sleep


2:24:00 AM

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